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We’ve partnered up with – a site that tracks players & leaderboards on multiple Daily Fantasy sites such as FantasyBet and Fanteam.

Experienced poker players will be very familiar with this type of service, as it is a very good way of keeping track of both your opponents results as well as your own. You’ll be able to see who the best/worst players are in the games you play and what you choose to do with this information is entirely up to you.

You could use this information to avoid the best players and make sure that you’re always giving yourself the best possible chance of winning. But you could also take note of what the best players are doing, in which type of games are they most successful and what type of lineups are they picking to make them a winning player in these games?

Let’s take a look at some of the features of

The layout is very straight-forward. You can either search for a player name directly or click “Leaderboards” and choose the site that you’re interested in. 

Once you have chosen a site you can choose to sort by:

  • Sport (Football, Basketball, Golf, MMA etc.)
  • League (Premier League, Serie A, La Liga etc.)
  • Year & Month
  • Type (Gametypes such as Tournament, Head-to-head, 50/50)

Once you find a player you’re interested in, click their name and you will be presented with detailed statistics and graphs where you can check things such as Profit, ROI% (Return on Investment) and ITM (In the Money).

You can also sort by date/sport/league/game-type and buy-in. This is very useful since it allows you to analyze the profitability of sports games and game-types. You could use this to find weakness in your opponent or to see where your own game needs improvement.


On you can even look up every tournament played on these sites, and see who is consistently placing highly in GPPs. Very useful.


Conclusion: is a very useful site that allows you to track players across multiple Daily Fantasy sites. It’s an invaluable resource that can help maximize your chance of winning as well as help improve your own game. Currently, this is all completely free of charge, so give it a try!